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Fishbeyn-Buonaspina Composition Collective

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Who are we?

"our house is on fire" (Comp./Arr./ Eliana Fishbeyn)

Who We Are

The Fishbeyn-Buonaspina Composition Collective, based out of Morningside Heights in Manhattan, started in Fall 2021 as a 19-person collective of jazz musicians, improvisers, composers, storytellers, etc., and is enthusiastic in breaking the precedent of historical art that is recycled and much more often performed in our city — instead looking to curate unprecedented spheres of new music that represents the dynamic and versatile nature of New York. Our first semester, we took a “grassroots” approach of starting this 19-person ensemble from the ground up — rehearsing out of Advent Lutheran Church on the Upper West Side and hosting Oasis Ethiopian Cafe in Harlem to cater our sessions.

Our community, which currently exists in a jazz big-band instrumentation, is one of the few regularly rehearsing contemporary large-ensemble groups that features improvisers in the jazz/commercial sphere in New York City. To understand more about the nature of our ensemble, you are invited to peruse our forthcoming website,, where you can view some early materials of the work we have accrued in just one semester of meeting — or feel free to reach out to us however you'd like.

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