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Skye Hamilton-Carranza

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Skye Hamilton-Carranza is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Freeport, NY.

Skye graduated from The Crane School of Music in 2019, where he studied with Dr. Anna Hendrickson (oboe, English horn), Dr. Carol Cope-Lowe (bassoon), and Drs. Tim Sullivan, Jerod Sommerfeldt, Gregory Wanamaker, and Phil Salathé (composition). A prolific composer, Skye has released several pieces of contemporary jazz and electro-acoustic music (including six albums from 2019-2022, four of which are self-produced) and has written classical and contemporary works for various musicians and chamber groups, including Dr. Julianne Kirk Doyle, ThreeForm, and the Crane Wind Ensemble.

Skye has recorded with artists such as Tyler, MD and Juani Williams, and has performed with several different groups, including the Orchestra of Northern New York, Northern Symphonic Winds, the 5pm Porch Concerts Band, the Jazz Loft Big Band, and the jazz quartet Quartology (of which he is a co-bandleader).

Outside of music, Skye enjoys travelling, swimming, and venturing in the outdoors. He currently resides in Freeport, NY.

Skye Hamilton-Carranza
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