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Sam Towse


Sam began playing piano at 2 years old and drum set at age 7. Concentrating on classical music for the first 10 years, Sam then expanded his studies into jazz at the age of 12 and found very early success landing seats at both piano and drums, at the NY Jazz Academy, and a multitude of regional and state competitions. Securing a spot at Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division as a jazz pianist, Sam had the privilege of studying under Jeremy Manasia. Sam has a bachelor's degree in Jazz Piano from the Manhattan School of Music and is pursuing his master's at his alma mater.

Sam's studies gave him the opportunity to play national festivals including the Jazz Band of America and the Grammy Jazz Band. Over the past few years, Sam has worked with and met incredible musicians including Justin Dicioccio, Gerard D'Angelo, Jeremy Manasia, Adam Kromelow, Jake Goldbas, Billy Test, Felipe Salles, Chris Rosenberg, Javier Arau, Sam Hunt, Andra Day, Phil Markowitz, Gary Dial, Marc Cary, and John Riley among others.

Sam Towse
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