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Quinton Cain


A Kansas City native, Quinton’s interest in drums started at an early age. His parents, who have always been supportive of his endeavors, enrolled him in a local percussion studio, and his fascination with the drum set grew from then on. After moving to Albany, New York, in 2008 and taking a brief hiatus from drums, Quinton joined his elementary school band, eventually graduating to his middle and high school orchestras and Black American Music ensembles. He was a participant in the 2016 Skidmore Summer Institute, as well as many honors ensembles including NYSBDA and the Vocal All-State Ensemble..As he quickly became a top-call musician in Albany, Quinton considered applying to school for Black American Music. After many auditions and much deliberation, he decided that The Manhattan School of Music was the right fit for him. During his time at the conservatory, he has performed in a multitude of ensembles and settings, has begun composing and performing original music, and is playing in venues in and around New York City. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Quinton hopes to stay in the New York metropolitan area to pursue a career as a performing musician. Understanding the importance of passing on musical tradition, Quinton also teaches a small number of students.

Quinton Cain
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